Why NFL Removes White Stripes From Football

There was a time when NFL footballs had white stripes on them. But have you ever thought: why don’t NFL footballs have white stripes now?

Actually, those who have been watching NFL football for a very long time, know that they once used white footballs along with black stripes on them. But the paint used to make the stripes made the football slick. So, they stopped using striped footballs.

So, if you ever think: Do NFL footballs have stripes? The answer is no. they stopped using stripes on footballs a long time ago.

In this guide, the readers will find out more details about the NFL footballs and the stripes. So, keep reading.

Why Did The NFL Stop Using White Stripes?

Well, you might think: why did the NFL stop using white stripes? They do not use the white stripes because they wanted to separate or differentiate their footballs from the NCAA football business. There are other reasons as well.

Players of NFL footballs did not have an issue with the night game visibility. So, there was no need to make the white stripes on the footballs of the NFL.

Besides, the paint that was used to make the stripes on the NFL football made the balls slippery, and the slick ball is quite difficult to play with. It is another reason for which they stopped using the stripes on the footballs.

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When Did The NFL Remove The White Stripes From The Football?

In the mid-1920s, NFL footballs were made with white stripes. But when did the NFL remove the white stripes from the football? Well, it was in 1941, when the NFL removed all the white stripes from their footballs and they switched to black stripes on a white ball.

Did the NFL Change the Color Of The Ball?

At first, the footballs of the NFL used to be metallic shields along with black and silver color. So, now the question is: did the NFL change the color of the ball?

Well, the NFL changed the color of their football in 2020.  But after 2020, the footballs are now silver, blue, and red in color. They did a makeover of their footballs in honor of the season 2020.

When did the 1987 NFL Season Start and End?

Well, the 1987 NFL season was quite an interesting season for both the football players and the football lovers. Besides, the 1987 NFL season was the 68th regular season of NFL football.

So, when did the 1987 season start and end? Well, the 1987 NFL season started on 13 September 1987. This season ended on 28 December 1987.

Where was the Last NFL Game Played in 1987?

Every year, the National Football League happens at places that were outside the United States. However, the NFL game in 1987 was quite different from each of its seasons. So, where was the last NFL game played in 1987?

Well, this NFL game in 1987 was played at Wembley Stadium in London.

So, here is the major difference between NFL footballs and college footballs. College footballs are played more traditionally and they do have stripes on the balls.

But when did college footballs start to have stripes? College footballs started to use stripes in the middle of the year 1920.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why don t NFL footballs have white stripes?

There was a time when the NFL footballs had white stripes. But they switched to making the footballs without stripes because they wanted to differentiate their footballs from the NCAA football business. Besides, the night-game visibility was never an issue for the NFL.

2. Why doesn’t the NFL ball have stripes?

The prime purpose for not having stripes on the NFL footballs is to differentiate them from the NCAA football business.
Another reason is that the color that is used to paint the stripes on the footballs makes them slick. That is why NFL decided to remove the stripes from their footballs completely.

3. What are the white lines on a football ball called?

Those lines are known as the yard lines. They are made of white color.

4. Did the NFL ever use a white football?

Yes, there was a time when NFL used white footballs for the games that were played at night. In 1956, NFL used white footballs.
Soon after, they switched to night footballs along with white stripes. Currently, they do not use striped footballs for games.

To Summarize

NFL is continuously evolving its strategy of playing. So, no wonder they have made this significant change to their footballs as well. Footballs without stripes make the game easier because now players do not have to worry about a slippery football.

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