What Is DB In Football?

Do you know what is db in football? A DB represents a player lined up on the back side of defensive linemen and linebackers.

They are lucrative on defense to cover wide receivers. A group of these players is called secondary in a defensive scheme.

The reason is that the players are the next defense line behind linemen and linebackers.

What is db in football? The term means defensive backs in American football. The players can cover the backfield between scoring and opponent because a defense in the last line.

Multiple defensive backs are now favorites to many people for their playing ability and athleticism.

What Are The Defensive Positions On The Field?

What Is db In Football

While a football team is lining up their defensive side, they must set their crucial positions first to cover the field effectively.

They should cover defensive linemen and defensive ends to cover the scrimmage line. Besides, linebackers are one of the positions remaining behind the line of scrimmage and defensive backs.

They can make more flexible positions giving many defensive layers between the offense and the end zone.

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Why Are Defensive Backs So Important In A Football Game?

These are multi-functional and can be provided by a defensive coordinator at their disposal. The reason is that it is possible to field more or fewer backs relying on which plays the position the other team has chosen.

What Are The Different Types Of Defensive Backs In Football?

What Is db In Football
What Is DB In Football

Three players position cornerbacks, safeties, and free can fit defensive back positions. Every player can provide unique skills and strengths to a football game. Therefore, you must know the difference between them.


It is a part of the defensive gaming adjacent to the scrimmage line because their main job is disturbing passes. They mainly cover wide receivers while playing.

In addition, these players participate in blitzes and try to jam running backs by going to the scrimmage line.

Thus, it can make extended plays resulting in fumbles. Regarding defensive schemes, halfbacks are the replacement of cornerbacks.

They are working here like an intermediate between linebackers and cornerbacks.


These players are far from the scrimmage line during a play. In addition, they may be between 10 and 15 yards downfield always.

Two safeties are available on each play, including strong safety and free safety.

A player with a strong safety position is usually larger than the counterpart and plays adjacent to the scrimmage line.

Hence, players are called strong safeties because their position is on the strong side of the opponents or where most passes happen.

Generally, the strong side sees a tight end or many receivers at the end of the scrimmage line.

Free Safeties:

They are the last line of defense for a football team. These players can play zone coverage because they must defend most of the field.

In addition, the players view the play unfold so they can be in the proper position, which helps them tackle cover receivers deep in the backfield.

They must think quickly as the players need to cover most parts of the field.

What Makes A Good Defensive Back In American Football?

What Is db In Football

What is DB in football? Db is the players who must have specific skills to be all-rounded football players.

As a defensive back, you must come with the capability to backpedal quickly to keep pace with a receiver without turning around.

They must be powerful enough to battle a receiver for the ball. However, they should not have so much muscle that they become slow for a heavyweight.

What Do Defensive Backs Do?

They have many tasks to do while playing, due to which they become versatile athletes. These players might require to play man defense, zone coverage, or blitz for the play call. Players in this position must defend a specific offensive player in man coverage.

Generally, they defend wide receivers. But sometimes they can do more tasks like covering running backs or tight ends.

It doesn’t matter where the opposition runs as a defensive back player has to keep up with them. All their motive is to deflect passes or tackle the opponents once they catch the ball.

A DB player in the zone coverage has to defend a zone on the field. Once the quarterback throws a ball near their zone, the defensive back player needs to be ready to deflect the pass by interrupting the opponent.

When a ball controller breaks toward their zone, it is a defensive back player who makes the tackle.

Coaches call plays involving a DB blitz a few times. Hence, you should know that a blitz is a defensive game where more than four players go to the quarterback.

Guide On What Is A Blitz In Football?

Generally, there are four defensive linemen with at least a non-defensive lineman.

The offense is not expecting DB blitzes as the defensive back has to run too long to reach the scrimmage line.

Remember that it is risky for the defense as quarterback players get a chance to play an open shot to throw downfield.

Once the DB blitz works, it can pay off for the defense. The extra player blitzing can handle the QB for a sack or force a bad throw.

They should be athletes because their responsibility is to stop an offense’s playmakers. Therefore, they have to perform good.

In addition, they should be quick and have enough speed to keep up with the quickest offensive players.

Moreover, they have to be high verticals to end with taller receivers. While tackling or contesting a pass, they should be powerful enough to control other players.

How To Play Defensive Back

What Is db In Football

Players in this position should be fast, aware, and coordinative to become successful. In addition, they should line up in an accurate position before the snap.

Many methods are there for defensive backs to line up. Every coverage type says how they will defend after the snap. These are as follows:-

Man coverage needs a defensive back to continue with the opponent player, including a wide receiver, running back, or tight end.

Whether your team approaches this type, the opposing quarterback won’t get any chance to open receivers to throw the ball to.

But you have to take risks to play man coverage. For example, a wide receiver who can run routes excellently can juke or turn, which might need to change direction.

When a defensive back player overreacts, he can lose the receiver and risk giving up a pass completion.

Zone coverage needs a defensive back player to cover some particular field part. The benefit to zone defense is that the defenders will not get thrown off guard by the complicated routes of wide receivers.

The players anticipate the throw and can buy receivers after the ball is thrown. When a pass comes, ensure that you must intercept it or prevent a receiver from catching it.

Press coverage is mainly responsible for dbs, whose main role is to disrupt wide receivers’ routes at the starting of the game.

In this type of coverage, a defensive back comes adjacent to the scrimmage line and stands facing the receiver he’s covering.

As soon as the ball is snapped, these players try to block the receiver’s route. Therefore, the wide receiver can’t run his usual way.

As a result, the play will not end how it was drawn up.

Who Are Some Of The Most Famous Db’s In The NFL Hall Of Fame?

Deion Sanders is one of the cornerbacks in the game. He turned the game into the hall of frame with the nickname “Primetime.”

Sanders comes with fifty-three career interceptions and serves on both defensive sides.

On the flip side, Charles Woodson has given his twenty-year-long career between the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers.

He had two Super Bowl looks. In addition, he has the NFL record for most defensive touchdowns and shares it with Rod Woodson & Darren Sharper.

Steelers fans prefer seeing Troy Polamalu’s attack on the scrimmage line during a blitz.

What is special about him is that he could jump over the defensive line for aggressive playing, which can catch offensive teams unconscious. His hair and playing style makes him unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a DB do in football?

These players ensure that touchdowns should not be scored while a defensive lineman or linebacker misses a tackle.

They can cover wide receivers to confirm that passes should not complete down the field.

2. Is DB a good position in football?

These positions are most preferable in American football for athletic ability. Remember that they are the last defense line on the field, meaning they must be powerful and quick to prevent touchdowns.

3. Are DB and CB the same?

Defensive back means Safeties and Cornerbacks players, while CB means Cornerbacks specifically.

4. Is DB the hardest position in football?

CB or Cornerback is the most challenging position in football. If you want to play in this position, you will need physical skills and extreme mental discipline.

The cornerbacks are agile and quick. The players have to learn quickly from their mistakes.

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