How Much Do Practice Squad NFL Players Make?

The main task of the practice squad is to provide the replacements when the NFL team members got injured. a practice squad that has players with more than two accrued get around 9,200 dollars a week. However, they can earn up to 14,000 dollars per week and 252,000 dollars a year.

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How Many Players Are On An NFL Practice Squad?

So, when it comes to the salary of the NFL practice squad, you may wonder: How much do practice squad NFL players make?

Generally, there are 16 players on an NFL practice squad at present. In 2020, NFL increased the number of members of the practice squad from 10 to 12. Then they did an upgrade in 2022 and increased the number to 14. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, extra 2 players are added to support the squad.

What Are The Rules For NFL Practice Squads?

  • At least 6 members of the practice squad have to have an experience of more than 2 arisen seasons in the NFL.
  • If any player signed on the active roster, that person can have a chance of scooping up by the other team.
  • If signed by the opponent team, NFL allows only four squad players to save a week.
  •  Every week, a team can have a scope of promoting two players from the practice squad. For that, they won’t have to make space on the active roster.

Who Is Eligible For An NFL Practice Squad?

Till 2020, NFL only allowed those people for the practice squad who were rookies. Also, the NFL considered those people to the members of the practice squad who did not appear in more than nine matches in their accrued seasons.  

However, they have made many changes to the eligibility rules due to the covid 19 pandemic. So now, they are welcoming a specific number of vested veterans into the practice squad.

Can Practice Squad Players Play In Games?

After all these discussions, the question is: can practice squad members play in games? As per the NFL rules, the players of the practice squad can only play as replacements for the NFL team members.

If any NFL player gets injured or suffers from covid, the practice squad players can play the match. They can do that without removing the player from the active roster. NFL can choose up to 55 players from the practice squad during the day of the match.  

Can Practice Squad Players Sign With Other Teams?

Yes, the practice squad in the NFL has the ability to sign with other teams or change its team. But they can only do that in case they are in a contract with the 53-man roster. But, the members of the practice squad are not allowed to move to another practice squad in the NFL.

Who Are Some Of The Big Names On Practice Squads Right Now?

So, there are multiple big names that you will find out on the practice squads right now. Some of them are:

  • Josh McCown- Philadelphia Eagles
  •  Wendell Smallwood- Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Jake Kumerow- Buffalo Bills
  • Kevin White- San Francisco 49ers
  • David Queessenberry- Tennessee Titans
  • Prince Tega Wanogho- Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jamon Brown- Chicago Bears
  • Derrek Tuszka- Denver Broncos


 1. How do NFL practice squads get paid?

The practice squads in the NFL get paid per week. For example, a practice squad that has players with more than two accrued get around 9,200 dollars a week. That amount is exactly the same as 165,600 dollars which the NFL spend on their practice squads for 18 weeks.

 2. What is the lowest salary in the NFL?

As per the statistics, 660 thousand U.S. dollars is considered the lowest salary margin in the NFL from the year 2011 to 2030.

 3. How much does a waterboy make in the NFL?

A waterboy in the NFL can earn an amount of 53,000 dollars a year. But this is the salary for beginners. However, once you become a professional waterboy, your salary will be increased and you can be one of the highest-paid waterboys in the NFL.  

4. Do NFL practice squad players get Super Bowl rings?

Well, yes. The players of the practice squad can get the Super Bowl rings. For that, they have to win the Super Bowl Victory. But the ring they get is generally of low quality.

To Summarize

So, this is everything about the practice squad and their salary in the NFL. If you are a true NFL fan, this article is just for you.  

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